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About Regressive Watch

Regressive Watch is a Progressive community, discussion forum, and blog--created in the spirit the of the founding fathers who used their creative powers to forge a new nation free of tyranny and coddled royalty.

Regressive Watch reports and comments on Regressive politicians and their destructive--and often cruel--far right policies. Regressive Watch aims to help create a better tomorrow by speaking out on the issues of today.

Regressive Watch has been created by a collection of people with varied backgrounds and a common goal of preventing the Regression of our society back to the brutal policies of the past.

Regressive Watch calls for an end to hegemony of plutocrats and a Radical Right bent on returning to a mythical lost utopia which exists only in their fevered imaginations.

Regressive Watch opposes those who would throw away the Constitution and enshrine a 2000 year old book as the law of the land. We support the separation of church and state and find claims the United is Christian Nation laughable, ignorant, and dangerous.

Regressive Watch opposes intolerance in all its varied forms and believes our united voices can make a difference. A non commercial venture, Regressive Watch is a labor of love seeking to uplift and encourage like minded individuals.

Regressive Watch seeks to make a difference in the path this society follows and to call out the lies, distortions, and hysteria so common on the far right. It embraces provocation and controversy.

Regressive Watch is a friend of the arts and host to artists and their works as well as reviews of their works.

Regressive Watch hopes to replace unreason with reason and to unite varied progressive viewpoints in the common cause of progress.

“And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name.” Revelation 13:1-3.

And the beast called itself GOP and written upon its seven heads Are: Avarice, Cowardice, Entitlement, Homophobia, Ignorance, Misogyny, and Racism. And the meek shall cry out in agony. And the beast shall be slain by the Lamb, in their name. And the beast's name shall be erased from the minds of men forever.